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You might arrange the desks in a horseshoe or a single row with chairs on both sides of each table.

This way students will be facing each other while they discuss each topic. Let your students take their seats and tell them they are about to discuss X different topics with X different classmates.

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The number of topics depends on the class size. I prepared 6 different topics which is perfect for a group of Each discussion will last approximately 5 minutes.


Vitamins & Minerals: Speed Dating Style

After this time, on your signal, one row of students specify clearly which! Before the discussion begins, your students need to write down their opinion on each topic on a scale of 0 totally disagree to 5 totally agree.

Speed Dating Review Activity

They should write down the name of each of their speaking partners and their opinion about the topic before they start discussing it. If they have differing opinions, they might try to persuade their partner and change their mind.

Reviews by label:

Did they both agree with each other to begin with and just exchanged similar opinions? After all the topics have been discussed, see whether your students stuck to their guns or were flexible in changing their opinions. Ask individual students to recap one discussion they had and report on its final result. It is a good way to find out which topics proved to be more controversial than others.

Speed Dating Discussion

Or so I have thought until I realized that even though each group I teach is different, the dynamic is pretty much the same: Speed Discussions were meant as a remedy to this near comatose state some of my groups were nearing and it worked like a charm. The choice of topics was actually secondary to the fast-paced, dynamic setup of the activity.

Moving around the room, meeting a new partner, hearing a new voice yes! I got quite a lof of feedback from the students right after the class and it was overwhelmingly positive. I observed my students closely not so much to listen to what they were saying grammar, vocab, etc.

Mrs. ReaderPants: Book Speed Dating: How I Did It and Why I'll Do It Again

It was interesting to see usually quiet students liven up when they had to talk to a new speaking partner and they contributed more than what I remembered of them from their usual pairwork. If you are looking for more speaking activities you could turn into Speed Discussions , take a look at Workplace Dilemmas , Parental Decisions or Problem Solving. Thank you for sharing your revealing experiences. The radically advanced technical system seems very convenient at first.

Who wouldn't gear-up with shiny eye implants that do thinking, decorating and planning for you? Almost 60 per cent of Internet users said there is nothing wrong with trying to find a partner on the Internet. Things to avoid when dating onlinetutoringworld. I call these "Speed Demos" with my students.

Next, they present it five times to five different people in the class. They conduct their five-minute oral presentation, and then they listen to their partner present for five minutes.