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No one wants to date a scene-maker.

on with the wedding

So turn it down from blackout to buzzed. Would I have to constantly feed her ego? Would I always be waiting three hours for her to get ready to go out? Being confident, yet down-to-earth, is a gf-worthy combination. Incessant gossiping may scare guys away because if they think you love drama by talking about it and causing it , they might imagine that you would be hard to deal with in a relationship, or that the relationship would be full of fighting. Instead of gossiping, your best bet is to engage in interesting conversation with a guy.

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I was blown away. Even though we didn't necessarily agree on everything, I was impressed by her knowledge and confidence to talk about it with a guy at a bar. This is not to say you have to curl your hair into perfect ringlets every day and never touch a pair of sweatpants. Guys will notice that, too. Overly done, obvious makeup is not a look guys want to be around every day.

Just like you may write off a dude who has hooked up with half of your friends and is always seen bringing a different girl home every night, guys may be reluctant to date a girl with that reputation. Girls can get around, but keep it discrete. If you had a wild run of hook-ups and earned yourself a reputation, but are now ready for a relationship, then tone it down and lay low for a bit. As for having sex the first time you get with a guy, the boys we interviewed are in consensus that this is not a deal-breaker in deciding whether or not you are girlfriend material.

Kiko explains that though it may leave little to the imagination, first date sex is situational. But it really depends on the individual. Some guys just want to hook up and are not interested in relationships, so many times it has nothing to do with the girl. Yup, it surely was a red flag. I am not into party girls at all, I may have been when I was 26 but at around 28 I started to grow up and all of a sudden I began to find drunk flirty women unreliable and immature towards their emotional attitude to life and relationships.

I personally think you are as secure in a relationship as you can be by the level of respect you are inherently given by your partner…. The wrong partner can lead to depression, fear and emotional damage whilst the right one can enhance your life and make each day a challenge worth facing — so look at it this way….

You are really a genius.. Well thought out material…! Never see a girl with a logical eye.. As for the premarital sex issue, I think that it has to be a matter of shared values i. It's all personal choice, as long as people don't use it to play games but rather act true to themselves.

People have to realize though that choosing to wait until marriage can turn out ugly if the couple happens to be sexually incompatible- BAD situation. But if that's the choice that the two people decided to make they get to deal with consequences. Your blog is different from a lot of lot of other "advice for men" websites that are spiteful and near-sighted in the advice that they give to guys.

Thanks for being respectful to us women. What would be a fair action on her part? Cutting them off would not be a viable option, but what would be? He chooses to stick around secretly pining for more than friendship. What would be a proper action on her part so that she doesn't inadvertently lead him on? The comment about not dating someone who is depressed can go the other way too. I do not think I would knowingly start dating a man who is clinically depressed.

But if I fell in love with him before he became clinically depressed then I would support him. As for someone being clinically depressed, no single human being experiences it the same way or responds to it in the same manner. Another person may not do this and actually take ownership of their own illness. If a alcohol dependent person does not want to stop drinking and you have asked them if they want to stop the task is not yours to fulfil but theirs. They will only stop if they want to. But they cannot blame you for it. With depression, you cannot make someone see a psychologist, not misuse illegal substances to handle their illness, take medications, take part in activities they used to like.

If it is someone you love and you are watching them unmotivated and in a dark place you can feel helpless and exasperated. You are correct, I can be a little lazy with my editing. But I assure you my intentions are sincere! Where did you get that? Some people are religious, after all. I guess I see sexual hangups as anything that prevents us from fully enjoying sex with someone we love or trust.

In my opinion this includes any religious beliefs that suggest we should feel judged or shamed for our sexual desires or expressions. Your beliefs and morals should dictate what make you happy and satisfied. I simply suggest we all take a moment to question the agenda of those trying to dictate how and when we enjoy sex. Alcoholics deserve love too, but I'm not going to recommend dating them. A guy looking for a girlfriend deserves a woman who has already taken care of herself and her struggles.

Prepare to be alone. In any long term relationship you will have to deal with at least one of your ten points. You apparently have the need for a perfectly balanced partner out there for you. Loving human frailties shows empathy.

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All words that are undoubtedly lost on you? Agreed…its interesting to get a male perspective…all the lists apply the other way around too! You had me 'till 9 as well, and I'm a bit shocked. I've actually enjoyed most of your other insights; it's nice to hear a man acknowledge a woman's need for trust. Premarital sex is just another stop on that spectrum. Yes, making a covenant contract IS a social construct.

That's a good thing. It protects me from jerks who take and leave.

21 Signs She's Girlfriend Material

It's the reverse of Magical Pussy. Men don't have Magical Cocks — they're not entitled to get frisky. Why should I give a man everything he wants sex when I am not getting everything I want security? There goes my respect — whoosh —. I appreciate what you're saying here because it gives me a different perspective. I realize my reasons won't change how you feel on the topic of sex before marriage, but perhaps it'll help someone else. No Sex is a Red Flag to me because intimacy is everything when it comes to a long term romantic relationship.

You can build a relationship upon a foundation of sharing and trust and intimacy while still being patient and cautious enough to avoid predators and liars. You can use fear of cheating, of the church, of social judgements, etc to guide your decisions and relationships, hoping that a contract and "God's" approval will make it all work out in the end. I suspect that in your case there are plenty of guys with the same Red Flags you have and who will be blind to your games.

Which means you're going to do fine no matter what I think. It's really a helpful article.. So in response to your post, what would it mean for a woman who never wants to have sex but claims that she loves you? Can you believe her? I have no intention in trying to disprove anything you said, I just want to know what it means so I can better deal with my current situation. Also, what would you think of a woman who says she never wants to have kids? Is this also a red flag? Or will they change their minds once her maternal side kicks in?

I'm here because I followed a link to this blog, randomly posted elsewhere. I'm female but I gave this post a read anyway. You lost me at number nine. I'll be giving myself to one man, only and ever, and that man will be my husband. Hopefully he'll appreciate that. I'm not religious either. It's not a religious thing. Here's my thoughts on your two comments: I suspect you can't see how judgmental and insecure this type of thinking is….

It's ego and social conditioning that propagates such silly ideas. I don't care how many men my woman has been with, I only care that she's completely open and honest and sincere and vulnerable when she's with me, and visa versa. Think about the air we breath… how many human lungs have recycled that air before it's gone through our own lungs? It gives me life, that's all I care about.

This also makes no sense. A woman's past number of partners is not directly related to her ability to commit to a man she falls in love with. My thinking is neither judgmental nor insecure. It's not good practice to put thoughts in others heads or words in their mouths by the use of it's like saying "quotes," either. Saving myself has to do with respect for myself and respect for my future mate. It has nothing to do with social conditioning, propaganda, religion, etc.

I'm not religious, and I'm very liberal, politically speaking. I don't care how many women you personally have been with. But I realize we all have personal motives in our advice and opinions.

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  4. Understand that women do NOT view sex the same as men do. Women equate sex with love, regardless of what we may SAY. Therefore, it is in a woman's best interest to wait for real commitment, not the other way around believing sex will elicit a commitment. You believe a wife who has been with one partner You is no less likely to wander than one who has had countless previous partners the number to which you'll never know?

    So he may not speak on behalf of you, but you may speak on behalf of your entire gender. Take a look at your own words and, no offence, stop being a bitch. Deal with your issues in therapy instead of in comment sections online. A woman who has only been with one man may stray because she wants experience. Sure vanilla ice cream is nice, but how do I know how good it is without ever having tried the other flavours? Mint chocolate is totally the best.

    21 Signs She’s Girlfriend Material

    Check out some male psychology. This is not an attack. Men in relationships also perceive sex as love.