Dating my business partner


  1. Who's Going to Take Out the Trash?
  2. dating my business partner
  3. Dating my business partner

Who's Going to Take Out the Trash?

If one of you expects to make thousands, and the other is happy to stay small, then problems are bound to arise. Mutual respect is also crucial. You have to value and respect your partner's contribution to the whole, because without it, it's not going to work.

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  • Dating my business partner?
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I once worked with one gentleman and I am being generous in my use of that word who clearly didn't like women, had no respect for my contributions and felt I was just his gopher. I ended the relationship as soon as the project was done.

When you're an entrepreneur, one of the reasons you've chosen that path is because you want to be in control of your own destiny. So it is not surprising that there are control issues when there are two captains steering the ship, and even more so when there is no real agreement on the end destination!

Ego can kill a project faster than anything. I've written my share of articles on partnerships and have often joked that I really should read and heed my own advice!

dating my business partner

I see real merit in collaboration, in working with like-minded individuals who share a common audience or goal. It actually makes business sense. I take an abundance attitude but I find not all groups operate under the same code of ethics. So I know first-hand how difficult it can be to work with your "competition," especially when you don't altogether trust one another.

She was engaged and ready to marry her former business partner.

Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are personally involved with their business partner. So this begs the question… is dating your business partner a good thing? What about marrying your business partner? So I thought it would be an important one to cover.

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A business partnership works in the same way. Though business partners don't necessarily need to spend the same amount of time on the business each day, each partner is expected to carry the same weight in terms of business responsibilities. Sit down with your potential partner and realistically discuss how much time each of you can commit and what the job responsibility breakdowns might look like.

Dating my business partner

If your potential partner seemingly will have trouble pulling his or her weight, it would probably lead to your taking on more responsibilities and stretching yourself too thin over time. They say that in relationships, opposites often attract. The same is true for business partnerships as well.

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Creative types are often attracted to more detail-oriented business partners, and shy entrepreneurs are often attracted to people-savvy partners with a wealth of established connections. It's important that a business partner complement your personality and skill set. This means that the person might not share an identical outlook, but that together you form a well-balanced team.