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They will be uncharacteristically harsh and rigid in such a situation. Warmly concerned and caring towards others Sensitive and perceptive about what others are feeling Loyal and committed - they want lifelong relationships Deep capacity for love and caring Driven to meet other's needs Strive for "win-win" situations Nurturing, supportive and encouraging Likely to recognize and appreciate other's need for space Able to express themselves well Flexible and diverse INFP Weaknesses Most INFPs will exhibit the following weaknesses with regards to relationship issues: May tend to be shy and reserved Don't like to have their "space" invaded Extreme dislike of conflict Extreme dislike of criticism Strong need to receive praise and positive affirmation May react very emotionally to stressful situations Have difficulty leaving a bad relationship Have difficulty scolding or punishing others Tend to be reserved about expressing their feelings Perfectionistic tendancies may cause them to not give themselves enough credit Tendency to blame themselves for problems, and hold everything on their own shoulders INFPs as Lovers "To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive - to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to joy, fulfillment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before.

With the Feeling preference dominating their personality, harmony and warm feelings are central to the INFP's being. They feel a need to be in a committed, loving relationship. If they are not involved in such a relationship, the INFP will be either actively searching for one, or creating one in their own minds.

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INFPs' tendency to be idealistic and romantically-minded may cause them to fantasize frequently about a "more perfect" relationship or situation. They may also romanticize their mates into having qualities which they do not actually possess. Most INFPs have a problem with reconciling their highly idealistic and romantic views of life with the reality of their own lives, and so they are constantly somewhat unsettled with themselves and with their close personal relationships. However, the INFP's deeply-felt, sincere love for their mates and their intense dislike of conflict keeps the INFP loyal to their relationships, in spite of their troubles achieving peace of mind.

Unlike other types who tend to hold their mates up on a pedastal, the INFP's tendency to do so does not really turn into a negative thing in the relationship.

INFP Relationships

INFPs hold tightly to their ideals, and work hard at constantly seeing their mates up on that pedastal. The frequent INFP result is a strongly affirming, proud and affectionate attitude towards their mates which stands the test of time. INFPs are not naturally interested in administrative matters such as bill-paying and house-cleaning, but they can be very good at performing these tasks when they must.

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They can be really good money managers when they apply themselves. Sexually, the INFP is likely to be initially slow to open up to their mates. Once their trust has been earned, the INFP will view sexual intimacy as an opportunity for expressing their deep-seated love and affection. More than the actual sexual act, they will value giving and receiving love and sweet words. With their tendency to enjoy serving others, they may value their mates satisfaction above their own. One real problem area for the INFP is their intensive dislike of conflict and criticism. The INFP is quick to find a personal angle in any critical comment, whether or not anything personal was intended.

They will tend to take any sort of criticism as a personal attack on their character, and will usually become irrational and emotional in such situations. If the opinion is negative, the TJ's attitude may be threatening to the INFP, who will tend to respond emotionally to the negativity and be vaguely but emphatically convinced that the negativity is somehow the INFP's fault. For INFPs with extremely dominant Feeling preferences who have not developed their Intuitive sides sufficiently to gather good data for their decision making processes, their dislike of conflict and criticism can foretell doom and gloom for intimate relationships.

One thing you can do currently is search for MBTI types under the Interests filter on OKC only if people have listed it somewhere in their profile, of course. I think more people should!

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10 Things INFPs Want From The Person They’re Dating | Thought Catalog

Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. Have you tried Online Dating? I know years ago it was frowned upon but it seems to be more acceptable now and I know quite a few people who found friends and love through the internet. I've tried it and no relationship came out of it just met some cool people and made some friends.

Any love stories or horror stories to share? Well at one point I did sign up on a couple of sites and made a profile, but they never matched me with anyone who seemed like my type, so I didn't bother to reply or anything. I wasn't very impressed. But then I always wasn't really looking hard or anything, maybe with more effort I'd have met some cool people. I did meet this one guy INTJ I'm guessing who I think found me on one of those sites first and then tracked me down elsewhere online.

He was fun to talk with, but it ended kind of bad because he was just a bit too He was just so certain I was perfect for him after just 2 weeks or something, and unfortunately took my williingness to chat a bunch as a sign I liked him back, whereas I was thinking just friends at that point. The more he insisted how perfect a match we were, the more my stubborn side kicked in and said 'wait a minute here maybe I don't think so! I would have liked to be friends, but he just felt a bit too clingy and a bit too determined.

MBTI INFP Dating and Intimacy

He was respectfull and kind and interesting, and didn't bother me in any way, except for incessant chatting online - like where I'd say I was going to make dinner and come back to several paragraphs to catch up on because he hadn't stopped talking while I was away. I can totally understand if he was lonely, like so many of us, and I can understand if he was really eager if he hadn't met many people he could connect to, but still, it got kinda annoying.

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I do feel sort of bad because I didn't know how to handle it and finally just cut off all communication, I'm sure I could have dealt with him better than that, sigh However, I actually did meet my husband through the art site: I have really enjoyed making friends on there, and there's one friend that a real life friend and I have tried to plan to go and visit, although we haven't been able to work it out yet.

Seeing other's artwork, or photos I think helps give a good idea of what they're like. I'd really enjoy meeting more of the folks on there. It's also nice that there's a blog feature - that can really give you a better idea of who people are.

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  6. With my husband, he had also made friends with my real life friend on that site who is more outgoing than me, so she was the one who actually got him on the phone and found out his IM and all, but once we got to talking it was really great! We already knew we had similar style and interests from seeing eachother's galleries and commenting back and forth on things. After a few months I took a vacation to visit him and that pretty much sealed the deal.