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Getting involved is not something I relish doing.

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But I know that smoothing isn't a role that I can put myself in all the time. We make most decisions together, all three of us.

I Share My Husband With My Boyfriend - EXTREME LOVE

But if it's a conflict about who is picking up the kids or if I'm at work, I leave it to them. Jealousy is just like any other emotion. Feelings are changeable and finite and fallible. Jealousy is something that you can let pass over you and wash over you. You are in control of your own feelings. The goal is for jealousy to become a small companion that takes up a small amount of your life.

You can't think, "You have to spend this time with me because you spent time with him," or "You did that with him but not with me.

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Jealousy does't have to be toxic. It can just be a signal: I probably miss her. Keep in touch with Amanda and her family: Follow Amanda on Twitter. Follow Amanda on Instagram.

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She is perfectly free to go if she uses HER money and public transport, just not tax-payers money and military transport. After all as Trump said, shouldn't she be in Washington negotiating? When is your arrangement the hardest? Would you recommend your arrangement to other women?

Have you heard from other families since the special aired?

PHOTOS Meet TLC’s Brother Husbands stars Amanda, Chad, Jeremy & their 5 kids

Describe being in love with two different people. What do you do when Chad and Jeremy fight with each other? How do you deal with jealousy? What do you want to know about having multiple husbands? I feel this result, sadly, may have been inevitable. Chad, who had previously lauded the perks of a polyamorous relationship, has sworn off being in any more trio situations.

I still believe in love! You can see some of it here! A post shared by Chad chadfursis on May 5, at 8: I never watched it, but remember reading about it. Was it like sister wives where she had romantic relationships with both guys, but the guys did not have a romantic relationship with each other or did the 3 of them all have a romantic relationship each other? I just watched this the other day and it was so awkward. It was a like a girl married her gay best friend and then he had a crush on some straight guy and he got his wife to add him to the relationship.

It was such a mess and nobody seemed really happy.

Sister Wives Brother Husbands? - Hot Topics | Forums | What to Expect

We all saw this coming. As you might have guessed from the ages of their kids, Amanda and Chad were a couple first. There was no mention by either spouse at the time that there might possibly be an additional spouse at some point. Soon Amanda was pregnant three times at once!

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I should point out: Whereas Kody and his sister wives are a bit conservative and old fashioned in their lifestyles, Amanda and the boys embrace modernity — with a passion! Amanda is such the geek that she was cast as a contestant on the TBS reality competition series King of the Nerds! Here she is explaining her admiration for Catwoman as she reveals she loves to cosplay, makes clothes, and runs a book blog:.

In addition to being a super geek for comic books, Star Wars , etc.

‘Brother Husbands’ Family: Where Are They Now? (EXCLUSIVE!)

Chad is a stylist at the high end LuxeLab Salon in Pasadena. Meanwhile, Jeremy seems to be the least outwardly geeky of the entire family, with the exception of the triplets. That being said, he is part of the triad. It could be that it would be more appropriate to refer to them as committed non-monogamists or something along those lines — hopefully the special will provide clarifcatioon on what they prefer.