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You will rarely find Danish men swearing or even talking loudly in public, no matter how aggrieved they are. In any case, since the Danes are stickler for rules, there are rarely any occasions for disputes and conflicts. Indeed the majority of Danes believe there is one proper way in which to act in any given circumstance. If someone is not following the rules, be they written or merely understood, someone will generally speak up and admonish them to obey the accepted protocol. Punctual to the core One example of the high regard for proper public behavior in Danish society is punctuality.

Both men and women are always on time, whether for an office meeting or a social appointment. Punctuality is intrinsic to Danish life and in fact being late is seen as evidence of an unreliable and even rude personality - someone who cannot be trusted rather than someone who simply likes to take things easy.

So when a Danish guy asks if he can pick you up at eight in the evening, by all means expect him to turn up ten to fifteen minutes earlier which means that you should be ready for your date by seven-thirty. Indeed your Danish friends may decide to visit you at your pad one weekend thirty days from now, and even if you have not spoken about the planned get-together anytime during the month, you can be sure they will remember the exact date and arrive at the scheduled time, punctual to the minute. Physically active Danes are among the most physically active men in the world. They are not only avid players of sports like soccer and handball but incorporate physical activity in their daily lives.

One instance of this is its biking infrastructure which is one of the most advanced in the world since here lanes, paths, traffic laws and rentals are specially designed for the convenience of bikers. So if you are keen to attract a Danish guy, by no means you should exhibit a reluctance to get to the outdoors. Indeed biking in sunny weather along the lovely canals of Copenhagen or through any of its pretty parks can be a great way to get to know an attractive Dane.


10 Things I've Learned from my Danish Husband

Apart from sports, Danish guys enjoy discussing foreign lands and cultures since they like to be known as cosmopolitan and with international tastes. Indeed with six weeks of regularized vacation, Danes are some of the most enthusiastic travelers. The men here are especially drawn to Spanish and Latin American cultures and you may even discover that your guy goes for Spanish lessons after work. Yet another topic for conversation with a Danish guy could be home improvement, carpentry, gardening or such other interests. Danish men are on the whole quite proud of their home improvement skills; so if you happen to visit their homes, make it a point to appreciate their efforts and you will be sure to leave a good impression.

Liberal attitudes Apart from their home improvement skills, what makes Danish men great partner material is their respectful attitude towards women. In retrospect, I think we made the right decision. Four years into our marriage and we both still feel like we just got married yesterday. We even have an insider joke that we will forever be on a honeymoon stage until he retires from his job. Yes, it does and distance is what keeps our love burning.

We always look forward to seeing each other again and we use the time apart to enrich ourselves by pursuing our individual interests which in turn makes us feel more complete. Being away from each other also sharpens our communication skills because we aim to communicate effectively from afar to avoid any petty misunderstanding. Distance allows us to appreciate each other more. I remember watching Sex and The City about how guilty Carrie felt when she asked for two days from Mr.

Big so she can write her article for Vogue Magazine but later realized that the time they spent apart allowed her to think and be more productive and seeing her husband again made her love him that much more. And of course, he loves potatoes and I am having a hard time breaking up with rice. But I always remind myself that I specifically included to learn how to cook Danish food in my wedding vows so I have to love the food he grew up loving because it is the only way for me to be able to cook authentic Danish food. The Danes have so much pride in their cuisine and so I beam with so much joy when my husband appreciates the food I serve him.

I believe that with conviction! My husband sent me an e-mail telling me that he would want us to do away with our phones on the dining table when eating.

Shit danish people say.. to foreigners

He wants us to enjoy our food and be able to talk and be physically and mentally available. He wants us to be able to connect and he wants us to show our little daughter appropriate table manners. I find it endearing that he had to tell it to me via e-mail. Travel expenses take a huge chunk of our budget.

We see to it that we travel to Denmark and other neighbouring countries at least once a year.

Six tips for surviving the Danish dating scene

Traveling allowed me to immerse myself deeper in the European culture. See travel is an important part of a Danish family and so we do it.

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Yes, you probably saw this coming after reading about why we make it a point to travel. When we travel, we enjoy long walks and talks, as well as getting in touch with history and indulging our interests. Shopping is not on top of our list so to speak. My husband has instilled in me that you feel a different level of happiness when you gain intangible things through the pursuit of gathering memories and not after buying new shoes for that matter.

Ever wonder why Denmark has always been the country of the happiest people on Earth? Now, you know why. However, he finds different ways to show me how much he loves me. Knowing that made me appreciate even the littlest things he does for me.

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Voluntary back or foot rubs, words of encouragement, letting me decide what clothes he should wear sometimes, doing the dishes among other things are a few of his languages of love. In marriage, it is easy to get lost into the swing of things so much so that at some point we neglect to provide the intimate needs of our spouse. My husband has thought me the value of always making yourself available to satisfy this need. That does not mean that you have to do it for hours on end but sometimes a kiss or hug is all that matters. Being emotionally and physically available makes your partner feel more special and appreciated.

Through him, I learned that love is respect and respect is love.

Dating Danish women is a little different to dating people from most other European countries.

I put more focus on the things that we agree upon and I do not dwell on trivial things. My husband has taught me to love him for who he is because he loves me for who I am. We feel that if we appreciate what we have, we would be in a happier marriage. In that way, we get more out of our relationship. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. I know I need not marry to know this but my husband has reinforced this in our marriage.

Sulking and being bitter about anything will not do you any good. Being married to my Danish husband also helped me discover that I am capable of giving and receiving a selfless kind of love. I am not a relationship expert at all. What I am saying is, relationships should always be a two-way street, full of giving more than taking and yes, long distance relationship can work if you make it work.

Kessa has retired from the corporate world and is now a full-time, stay-at-home mom who dabbles in blogging, graphic design and daydreaming about her next travel destination. She loves to cook and bake and watching Masterchef is her guilty pleasure. She loves hiking in forests, supermarket shopping, mixing spices, kneading dough and collecting beautiful stationery and porcelain. I am a widow and met a wonderful Danish man on a dating site.

He is everything you wrote in your article. We have a long distance relationship full of respect and a growing love. He is amazing and I have never been happier Thank you. I just had to reply because this is all new to me, and reading other stories give me more hope and more incite into what Danish men are like and there ways.. I wish you the best of luck with your journey. Kt, thank you for your inspiring story it makes me inspire to having a danish man, but can i ask you an advise how to be able to get a visa for denmark bec i was refused last time and makes us disappointed and stressed..

I am so inspired with your story Kessa. I am praying that i will have the same fate as yours with my Danish boyfriend.

Dating Danish women:

He only like to be played… what do u think guys. It took days for me to answer back his mails yet he is patiently waiting for me to respond. Now, he is planning to visit me by next month and I feel a little nervous on meeting him.