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Still, I'm happy with the outcome. Got all the rest with no googles or cheats. Last Friday I couldn't event get started. Never heard of POPO but got it from crosses. Easy but very well constructed puzzle. I never heard of POPO, but it sounded vaguely British to me, perhaps because I was reminded of one of my first visits to England, about thirty years ago. The family with whom I was staying told me that the local constables had had new patrol vehicles with the word POLICE stenciled on the sides in such a way that when one or the other door was opened it broke into PO and LICE, which they considered hilarious.

The cars had been re-painted to subdue the laughter; I didn't think it was funny in the first place. I stand in awe of those people who have memorized the seats of all of Texas's counties. He's a cartoon character used in ads, he doesn't represent a sports team. My gramma was a Russian married to a a Pole, as a child I learned two names for butt, zhawpa, and dupa, can anybody out there help on that?

I didn't find it that easy. I got stuck twice and had to pass it over to my sweetie for help. I thought that demijohn was a size of champagne bottle. Instead, it's a wicker covered container of liquid, like a chianti bottle. The sizes of champagne bottle have exotic names. The reference I found had them defined in terms of. Magnum 2 bottles , jeroboam 4 , Rehoboam 6 , Methuselah 8 , Salmanazar 12 , Balthazar 16 , Nebuchadnezzar I will never forget the day I was driving into Manhattan from NJ and rounding the curve immediately preceding the entry to the Lincoln Tunnel, There was a huge billboard sporting the giant visage of the "mascot', which I noted looked like male genitalia, thinking that those bastards were not just marketing to kids, but subliminally to adults, as well!

Could have easily caused drivers to become distracted and have an accident. Later, I used this ad campaign as an object lesson for my Johns Hopkins students in my Business Ethics class to illustrate immoral business tactics. Most of the class of 19 year olds immediately saw the scrotum when a photo was shown. Disgusting, but sadly effective marketing. Took a bible course at USF and pointed out to the professor that a jeroboam was 2 magnums; she laughed and said that was appropriate beause he was a great drinker.

Nancy I had the same experience you did. This must of been what it was like before S was invented, e. PawPaw - Ah, California, of course. Thanks for the annotation. Easy, easy, easy, so say all. But I'm with joho etal on the smoooth factor.


Not transparent, more like meeting someone at a party that it's so easy to talk to. More "Right this way, your table is ready", than "I'm sorry, it's going to be at least a 2 hour wait". Some great flow going on there. Old Doonesbury's wear well. Not that I have one. Beloved by seniors, unders not so much. Aren't all baths SITS-baths? Maruchka, thanks for mentioning Henri le chat, a true feline Sartre. Alias, you're wanting JOE? Born [tumty tumty] down Georgia way Purging the Party boys was his play, Lived underground so he knew every score Killed him a Kulak when he was only four.

Old Walt's turnin' in his freezer.. A well-clued if somewhat vanilla puzzle; I too had never heard or heard of the term popo but, as it was getable from the crosses, I can't complain too much. The arcane answer was well, arcane. The marketing for these movies so saturated world culture that I'm pretty sure undiscovered Amazonian tribes have heard of him.

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FredR - a "mogul" is a slang term for a bump on a ski hill. Many resorts groom a hill with lots of moguls, as just going down at a dangerously fast speed isn't enough of a thrill for some people. I knew people would think this was easy since I finished with no googling. Since most pawed creatures are quadrupeds, that would make it pawpawpawpaw. Rather sounds like Beethoven's Fifth. Steve J and others--I agree this would be a better Wed. Just got home from doing lots of errands.. No, not a Tuesday or Wednesday, but it must have been easy for a Friday because I finished it with no help, which is still not a frequent occurence for me.

And it was a fun solve.

R.V. park hookup option

But that's just me. Nine In A Line -- there are nine related letters in a line in this puzzle, with the first and last letters the same. What is that letter? The grid is great. The cluing a little too straightforward. I expect to work a little for the 15s. When the clue says 'dark side', that's a Monday-level giveaway for Star Wars.

Not that it'll make a difference, but I agree with SteveJ about replacing themed Wednesdays with themeless, dreckless Wednesdays. This Friday and last Friday are excellent examples of what that would look like. They are formed as skiers repeatedly make s-turns going down slope on loose snow. Every turn compacts more and more snow onto the bumps and eventually a mogul field is created. Skiing the bumps is great fun for those with youthful knees. Alas, those days are over for me.

Knew popo, knew demijohn, knew Lehar, knew Joe Camel, easily figured out seven cent and tsetse and ccell Seems to me anyone with a reasonably good education, and an awareness of contemporary culture, could solve this puzzle. Since I have zip interest in sports, I didn't know Barca, or Lions, or Rooney, but that wasn't really a handicap, since the rest of the puzzle had answers that were familiar, or easily figured out.

The comment about the average NY Times solver and middle class white people is condescending at best. What do you know about the backgrounds and life experiences of NY Times puzzle solvers? All middle class white folk? Have you done a poll? I knew the word demijohn from 19th century literature I read as a child, and a knew popo the same way I knew other terms for police, some derogatory, like pigs, some in other languages, like flics, because, dude, that is what you sometimes need to learn. Do you think that saying "dude" is quasi-ironical? People in the Old West, talking about Easterners in fancy dress?

People in the 's, talking about dandies? People who go to "dude ranches" for the"cowboy" experience? Listen up, dude, yo! Managed to avoid all of the Star Wars films except the first, so I knew Skywalker but not Anakin, which I got from crosses. Went very fast until we got to the NE. I knew Lehar, one of my favorite composers; I even attended a "Lehar festival" in Bad Ischl many years ago. But never heard of POPO. Only Peen made sense, so I eventually wrote it. I also had trouble getting "onus" from "Large change.

R.V. park hookup option Crossword Clue

But until I hit the NE, I had spent only 10 minutes on the puzzle, so I agree that except for Popo-demijohn, this was pretty easy Ray J - You are, of course, correct in terms of Ski argot. Still, when I see resort employees out there on one hill with shovels shaping the moguls while the SnoCat is flattening the adjacent hill I tend to think of both activities as "grooming. It was added after I first posted, so I'm sure others have missed it. You learn the darnedest things in these puzzles. Today I obliterated that record at just under 7 minutes.

Friday puzzles usually take up the better part of my 1-hour lunch break, so I felt pretty good about myself until I came here and saw that pretty much everyone else solved this thing in a flash too. This one felt nothing like a Friday. Kind of ironic considering that this puzzle felt more like a Monday. Like Rex, I dropped in the two 15's with no difficulty. I know very little Italian imagine me saying that in the voice of Lt. Solid fill all around, but this one lacked any kind of "Aha!

Wacky-pedia Note to self: The interior of the basilica is shown in the video, but the sound is very low. I encourage you to turn up the volume and enjoy. Hey, Sexy Rexy, Why do you always brag so much in your reports? Do all so-called genius people feel they must show-off? Seems to me that's a sign of total insecurity and doubt of one's ability.

Guess i don't know Star Wars. I thought it was Anakinsy Walker, lol. In my day a four letter word for cops beginning in P was pigs. Very nice, much better than a hundering third of Valkyrie. Did you notice who uploaded the Gabrieli? As she matures, she's starting to resemble Ingrid Bergman.

Read your rant out loud to my spouse. Except using the word "literally. Easiest Friday I can recall. Either we're getting better at this or it was more of a Wed. Let me bring this sobering article to your attention. Many here and in parallel blogs often express the idea that certain words or phrases are "unacceptable" because they may be "offensive" to some.

R.V. park hookup option - Crossword Buzz

Well, Vladimir Putin thinks so too, clearly a man in whose footsteps we should follow. I AM a print loyalist-- hardbacks, too! Maybe because my husband has just published a book "When Men Betray. Not my best Friday time but better than most of my recent. Helped by getting both 15s with just a few crosses. Hand up for DEcanter first.

Also for brief flirtations with Liszt 30A and Pvt 44A. I'm late to the conversation - had much the same experience as others - didn't know POPO, did know Star Wars characters, and moguls. It seems that game evolved in the 's and became popular after that. It's played in the water like tag and relies on hearing to find people to tag.

HOWEVER, my hearing started to decline about then - as a teenager and young adult, so I never heard of the game - compounded by the fact that hearing aids couldn't be worn in the water. And evidently, those people playing it including my own children never mentioned it to me because they knew I wouldn't be able to play. And if you ask anyone who grew up with hearing loss and hearing aids, it's pretty likely that they've never heard of the game either. Sam's too, I'm sure.

Even though the infinitive is split. To joho, Gill, AliasZ, Fred, retired chem: Thanks for the kind words and the entertainment of reading your comments. Now, try to forget that image. Sam did a lot of the heavy work on this puzzle, which was submitted over two years ago. He was 17 at the time it was made.

If I'm counting correctly, the fill contains 19 phrases and compound words.

Potential answers for "R.V. park hookup option"

Sam's other two themeless NYT crosswords, I believe, have 20 or more each. He is really a talented guy! As Will pointed out, there's only 43 years' difference in our ages. Unknown Vic - thanks for stopping by. Always welcome to see a constructor's takes on the puzzle and on OUR take. Unknown, whoever lifted how much of what, y'all came up with some good teamwork today. Looking forward to more, in any combination. The pleasure was all ours. The latter definition has nothing to do with "arcane". If the word apprehended was replaced by comprehended, I would have aced this puzzle.

Didn't know marco, barca, Jay. IVE heard of it, but the other is much more in the language. By gosh, you're right, Sir Hillary! Okay, I was playing solitaire Scrabble, and I saved up for it. Some tricky clues, just not tricky enough for this day. Overall, though, as OFL said, there were too many gimmes. An uninspiring ; unwinning, too. Not much to add here, except for a couple comments.

Never noticed that before, but I don't find it as horrible as some here. Maybe there's some aspect of his character of which I'm unaware. If they are 'cousins' of a carafe, they are BIG cousins. I finally work through a Friday, odd clues and all, and then everybody says this is the easiest Friday ever!

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