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Trevor and Brittany you are my favourite people in the cast and you Trevor are really cute I want you to come to my house please please please please reply to this message as I would be very grateful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. James and Riley r so cute together in the show but U will also be cute in real life if you dated for sure U guys are perfect together like a match made in heaven. Brittany I think what Trevor did for u in season3 was really kind so u should accept it xxxxxxxxxxx.

I love the next step seriously!! Hi Brittany I love you so much. Also what is your fan mail? I would love to write to you. Love you xx p. Please come to England. Hello Trevor and Brittany would you be able to say hello to my daughter Eliza she is a very big fan. Hi just something quick to say, you are to inspirational people, which u probably hear a billion times a day but just thought I should tell u to make it a billion and one! Are you a couple? Please leave me new! Thanks and say for the troup I love you so much!

Could you please answer the following questions as I want to know a lot about you guys. How did you start to dance? Why did you dance the first place? How does dancing make you feel? Do you enjoy acting? How did you learn all the brownies and backflips? How did you become professional dancers? If you guys answer the questions it will really help me with my dancing, and all the other cast at TNS help me improve everyday and you guys inspire me everyday as well. Oh and I would really like you answering those questions. Oh,and Brittany you were in my dream.

I will explain it to you. Ok,now to the questions. Hello Brittany,I told you I would explain the dream to you. Ok,so it started…You were at the beach. As usual,wearing a t-shirt and pants. And well I was in the water. It was in season 1 for some reason… And I told you: Remember the very first episode? I was wondering how to get an hold of one of the dancers by email? I love your girls and guys passion and love for dance! I was a dancer myself for 11 years, I did Jazz, Ballet and I tryed Tap for a year but it was not really my thing so I just stucked to jazz and ballet!

Brittany is my idol and I wish I had her life. I wish a new season would come out every day. Anyway back on track. My name is Annie Goldney and I just wish I could see you in real life, face to face. Love your number 1 fan Annie.

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I love you guys so much. My dream is to dance with you guys. Right now I just do ballet soon I will be doing jazz and tap I think. What does it take to dance with you guys. Where do you have to live to join the next step and how old do you have to be? Can you tell me your address I would like to write to you. Love you guys Xoxo P. Hi trevor and brittany just wanted to say you guys are the best couple i have ever seen!!!

Brittany and Trevor's Relationship

Your always in my dream PLZ come to northampton. Im learning how to do contemporary,break dancing,hip-hop and ballet you guys are my insparation one day you could be my dance teachers by the way i know how to b-twist, back flips,front flips and pirouette. Yesterday i went on a date and i had my first kiss it was sweet!!!!!!!!

We both really love the next step and I just wanted to ask for girl advice from Trevor how do i make her like me more????? Hi Brittany and Trevor, Could you please answer these Questions.. Brittany and Trevor the next step is the best and they can beat the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats my proof to be the best and the greatest number 1 fan in the universe or planet………..

My mum wanted to buy tickets but they were all sold out I love you guys so much and are you dating in real life. Hey I love tens and I love u Brittany and Trevor u are my favorite actors ever Please replay Are u guys saying in real life???? Hi Brittany and Trevor! Do you mind telling me. I also like to dance and you both really inspired me. Hi Riley and James you are my two favourite characters i am the biggest fan of TNS i just cant stop watching it.

I just hope that you two are dating in real life because you guys are perfect together. I would really like to meet you guys. Please come to Hong Kong and do a show or something here i would do anything to watch it.

Hi Brittany hi Trevor. Brittany how do you do an aerial? In real life are you guys dating? I would love to meet you two but I live in England. Hi i am your no1 fan! I watch you every day riley and right now im watching the next step movie i absolutly do nothing else apart from have a go at the dances you do myself. Are u dating in real life please answer because I think that a lot of persons want to know it.

Are u together for real? Are you dating in real life? You are both really cute together, your meant to be. Hi, I really like how you dance and that you both look like your having fun, I bet you are.

Transitions - Short film - Brittany Raymond, Kira Murphy, Isaiah Peck & Adam Murciano

Trevor how long did it take you to do a flip? Brittany old were you when you first did a cart wheel with no hands? Can i ask you a question , are you together in real life cause in every episode of the next step you sometimes kiss and it is really emotional and i just wanted to know. Are you two actually together in real life because I think you both look soooooooooo cute together especially in the program the next step. Biggest fan ever are you guys in real life I watch the because of you please answer me everyone wants to know.

Is Actor Trevor Tordjman Dating? Know about his Girlfriend and Relationship

Biggest fan ever are you guys in real life I watch the show because of you please answer me everyone wants to know. I think you look cute together and I want to know if it is really true. Please I beg you. And is there a season 5 my sis said that you got married. I love the next step! My two favourite characters would have to be James and Riley, although I am a huge fan of Brittany and Trevor. Love u guys so much!! Really going to miss you in season 5! Britt I love you I look up to you so much!!!!!!

I dream of meeting you one day! Hi, u guys are da best dancers ever. When my little sis was really ill in hospital i showed her a video of u guys dancing and it was the only thing dat would make her smile. Thx guys sooo much u r my sisters life savers!!! I love you Brittany and look up to you but I know we can never meet. I know so much about you please respond it has always been a dream of mine to meet you or just talk to you.

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I recognised it as the Air Canada Centre. I had been here for a hockey game a few months back, but it was being used for other purposes at the moment. Trevor parked the car and looked at me with a huge smile on his face. He nodded, reaching into his jacket pocket. He pulled out an envelope and pulled two long pieces of paper from it. He looked me in the eyes,. My hands flew to my mouth in shock.

I couldn't believe he did that for me. I looked at him, and I felt tears come to my eyes. I had always wanted to go to a One Direction concert and when I tried to buy tickets, they were sold out. I threw my arms around Trevor and hugged him. Brit and I got inside and I led her to our seats. The crowd was screaming. The two of us had front row seats. I was holding hands with Brit while we sat, waiting for the concert to start, when I was tapped on the shoulder by a girl who looked to be about 11 or I nodded, and she squealed,.

I was so excited. I was getting an autograph from Trevor. He took the marker I was holding and let go of the hand that belonged to the girl sitting next to him. He stood up and signed my shirt. Then I turned back around and he looked at me, "Hold on one second," he said, sitting back down and touch the shoulder of the girl with him.

He said something that I couldn't hear over the other people and then gave her the marker. Then she turned around and smiled.

Brittany Raymond: Playing Boyfriend/Girlfriend in 'The Next Step' With Trevor, Dating in Real Life?

It was Brittany Raymond! She said hi, and signed my shirt too. They sat down too and turned back to the front. I saw Trevor take Brittany's hand and hold it. I quickly pulled out my iPod and took a picture of them. This was going on Instagram when I got home. I took Brit's hand again as the concert started. I wasn't a huge One Direction fan.

But I knew some of their songs. I listened to Brit as she sung most of the songs.

Boyfriend and Dating?

She was a great singer. One of the last few songs of the night was a song slow enough to dance to with her. I pulled her into the middle of the aisle, like several other couples were doing. I pulled her close, taking her right hand in my left, and wrapping my other arm around behind her back. Her other hand held my shoulder, and we slow danced together. She eventually put her head against me and I just pulled her closer to me. I sang what was left of the song to her as she rested close to me. I'm afraid you'll run away. If I tell you what I've wanted to tell you.

Maybe I Just gotta wait. Maybe this is a mistake. I'm a fool, yeah, Baby, I'm just a fool, yeah, oh, oh Girl, what would you do? Would you wanna stay If I were to say?.. I wanna be last, yeah. Baby, let me be your, Let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first, yeah, Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you Only knew. I wanna be last, yeah, Baby, let me be your last, Your last first kiss Your last first kiss Girl, what would you do?

Your last first kiss! Baby, let me be your last, Your last first kiss. I wanna be last, yeah, Baby, let me be your last, Your last first kiss. Ooh I wanna be last, yeah, Baby, let me be your last, Your last first kiss. When the song ended I slowly let go of Brit, She looked up at me and smiled. Everyone was clapping as the concert ended.

Trevor and I walked to the car. When we got there, I sat on the hood of his car and look up at the sky. It was so polluted with light I could have sworn it was still light out. Trevor stood in front of me. I turned my attention to him, gazing into his eyes, and then I looked back up. Every night I would lay on the hammock in our yard and look up at the stars," I said. Trevor looked at me,. Why don't you just drive back and forth every day if you miss it so much?

Many reasons, I guess. It's a waste of gas to drive every day. And we only have two days off every week from filming. I mean, when we're done, I'll go back to live with my parents maybe. I'm only renting the house here. Trevor took my hand in his. We'll lie in your backyard in Brampton for our second date," he said and gave me a gentle smile. His hand came up and pushed a stray piece of hair out of my eyes, and I smiled. Then his hand touched my cheek and his thumb stroked my cheek.

I shifted my gaze from his hand to him. I see him slowly lean in and I close my eyes. The next thing I know, our lips connect and we're kissing. I felt my heart skip a beat as our lips fit perfectly together. I didn't want this moment to end, but it had to at some point.

And then he broke the kiss. I opened my eyes and gazed into his. I nodded and we both got in the car and headed home, hands intertwined. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Next Step.