Is popularmmos dating jen

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  2. PopularMMOs Biography: 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know
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He is 27 Birthday is November 25th He is a Sagittarius. Jen plays games mostly for fun and isn't as good as Pat at PvP or Parkour and is the source of most of the channels hilarious fails. She's really girly and loves the color pink and cats. She has a huge makeup collection and has her own channel called GamingWithJen but rarely goes on or makes videos alone. Most of their vlogs are posted on her channel.

5 Youtube Videos *GONE HORRIBLY WRONG* SSundee, PopularMMOs, DanTDM

She currently has blonde hair down to her shoulders but used to have brown hair. Her eyes are green and she's thin and maybe about five eleven feet tall.

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She wears dresses or girly shirts and skirts or jeans. She is 26 Birthday is October 28th She is a Scorpio. They met in high school Pat was a senior and Jen was a Sophomore I believe when doing community service at an animal shelter. Pat was already a gamer but Jen hadn't previously played games. Identify Actors By Eyes.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom. It took around 2 years to get a million subscribers for Patrick. However, in the next two years, his subscribers grew exponentially, around 10 times to reach 10 million! He uploads videos every day and has uploaded more than videos till date. He has reached around 7 billion views and counting.

His earliest videos feature the game Runescape. Afterwards he turned towards Atlantica, Tera, World of Warcraft, and others.

PopularMMOs Biography: 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

In March , he reached a record YouTube following of 11 million subscribers. One of his Minecraft videos recently crossed a whopping 37 million views. The duo has also recorded several hilarious challenges.

GamingWithJen Net Worth – $800,000

Patrick comes across as a courageous and determined guy. He is funny in his videos, especially, when he is around with Jen. He likes to play pranks when she is not around.

YouTube Stars' Huge Earnings Will Make You Question All Your Life Choices

His videos also feature his caring side as he always seen caring about Jen, Captain Cookie and his primary pets. He ends up killing his pets in the game. In one of Pats videos, Jen said that she had to clean the bathrooms while Pat had to clean the drains where the dogs went to the bathroom. Surprisingly, Jen and Pat rode the same school bus and even lived down the street from one another. GamingWithJen and Pat dated for over 5 years and eventually they got engaged.

Is popularmmos dating jen drink

After around 10 months of engagement, Jen and Pat got married in May GamingWithJen was actually first introduced to video games by Pat. In one video Pat actually said that GamingWithJen would play Miss Bimbo all hours of the night until like 7 in the morning. Basically she just sorted through mail and answered telephones.